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Medical Weight Management

Most of our clients who come to see us would love to lose at least a little weight. It is a fact that many Americans weigh more than they should, and of course this poses potential health risks.

But most do not understand weight gain and its causes. There are many myths and misunderstandings out there. For example, people avoid fat, but the healthy fats are good for us. And we need them. On the other hand Trans-fats, oxidized or rancid fats should be avoided at all costs. Yet people do not count their carbohydrates. Too many carbs are bad for us and not only contributes to weight gain but high blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol.

When you embark on a serious effort to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight, there is much to learn. Misunderstandings will be addressed by Dr. Phyllis Okereke when you meet with her. There is much more to it than calories in and calories out. We need to examine your lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure and load, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, sleep habits and genetics. She will make detoxification, nutrition, exercise, hormone balance part of your overall wellness program.

Dr. Okereke also points out that eating less doesn’t always lead to weight loss. For example, if someone has a thyroid problem, they can reduce their food and calorie intake and still not lose weight. This is why the thyroid and adrenal system is always considered here at Dr. O LifeXtension. We look to see everything that is going on with your body and then begin a program to transition you to wellness, which includes the maintenance of a healthy weight.

One of the programs we offer is Shape Reclaimed™. This system suppresses the appetite naturally and assists in detoxification of the body at the same time. It also helps with adrenal support and reducing inflammation. We have other programs that incorporate meal replacement so that patients have healthy alternatives to unhealthy fast foods and snacks. Custom meal plans have been specially designed to meet your needs. These are satisfying and tasty and could be adapted as a long-term nutritional plan.

The Shape Reclaimed system is based on 30 years of clinical research and is high+ly safe, as well as effective. Patients on this program report experiencing increased energy and improved immune systems. This is a non-HCG, homeopathic approach to weight loss. Metabolism, mood and mental clarity are all enhanced by this diet. Dr. Okereke will explain this program in full detail during your consultation. She also gives educational talks about her full weight management program, and holds lunch and learn events.

She believes in healthy food choices and not dieting when it comes to healthy weight. We will identify which one of the different available options is right for you. And we will help you to understand it, and stick to it. Long-term dedication to your plan is key to your success. The plan also has to be easy and good for long term maintenance. We look forward to seeing you! Call us for your initial Consultation.

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