Dr. Okereke Teaches Why Functional Medicine is the Right Approach

The Functional Medicine Approach To Treating Anxiety

Doctor Okereke explains the difference between the way functional and integrative medicine doctors treat anxiety and the way conventional medicine doctors treat anxiety. Watch and decide which is better.

Why Functional Medicine is More Effective Treating Osteoporosis!

Dr. Okereke explains why functional medicine is a better choice for treating osteoporosis.

Why Functional Medicine is Better for Treating Diabetes!

Dr. Okereke explains why functional medicine doctors take a better approach to treating diabetes than traditional medicine doctors.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Could Be Your Answer!

Dr. Phyllis Okereke explains how hormone replacement therapy works and why it could be the answer to why you are aging quicker than you should. Functional medicine is about treating the root causes not just the symptoms.

Dr. Phyllis Okereke Explains The Functional Medicine Approach To Treating Hair Loss

Dr. Phyillis Okereke explains the main causes of hair loss and ways to prevent it, treat it and keep your hair. This is a must watch for people who are at the age when hair loss is common. You don't have to live with it. Watch this short video to find out how to prevent hair loss and/or slow it down... or even reverse it.

The Functional Medicine Approach To Treating Weight Gain

Dr. Phyllis Okereke explains why we gain weight, especially as we age. She gives you the reasons behind it and what we must do to reverse it and live a healthier lifestyle.

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